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  • Government simplifies leveraging investment in mining operations
    Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine, posted 19 February 2020 17:09

    Today, February 19, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution "On Amendments to the Procedure for Granting Special Permits for the Subsoil Use".

    "Our goal is to create more transparent conditions and reduce the administrative burden on investors, so now we eliminate the procedure of obtaining approval with regional councils for the subsoils of national importance from the special permits procedure, as it used to be. This created additional corruption risks and blocked the development of subsoil resources management. Moreover, the resolution provides for the creation of a database to enable the submission of documents online and to remove non-transparent mechanisms for obtaining permits for subsoil use outside auctions. But it’s critical to abide by environmental law, hence investors are banned to begin activities in areas unless the procedure is conducted and the opinion of the environmental impact assessment is obtained", stressed the Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel, commenting on the adoption of the document.

    The Government amended the Procedure for granting special permits for the use of subsoil, having approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 30, 2011, No. 615, by endorsing it in a new redaction.

    The main changes contained in the document are as follows:

    - the need to approve with the regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city councils, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea the provision of subsoil resources for use concerning minerals of national significance and for purposes unrelated to mining is excluded;

    - the list of kinds of subsoil use for which special permission can be obtained is extended, namely: geological exploration of amber-bearing territories, including experimental and industrial development of fields with further extraction of amber (industrial development in areas of resource production);

    - the procedure for obtaining approval for the subsoil use in the area of anti-terror operation and/or the implementation of national security and defense measures carried out through the Joint Force Operation is regulated;

    - a possibility is provided to submit an application and documents for obtaining a permit without auctioning online through an e-Cabinet of subsoil user enabling to register applications for administrative services.