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  • Healthcare Ministry: We ensure proper evacuation of people from China
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 February 2020 20:03

    "The evacuation takes place in a routine mode. The Government has a clear plan and we are implementing it. Everything is ready to meet people. The plane has already taken off. Everyone has undergone appropriate medical examinations. People with no symptoms of acute respiratory infection are admitted on board,” Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko told TK Ukraine in the Today news program.

    According to the official, at the examinations stage medical professionals didn't admit 4 person with 3 being Ukrainian citizens and 1 - foreign national. Aftermath Ukrainian specialists, healthcare workers accompanying the flight conducted final examinations. Altogether 73 persons have been admitted on board the plane. On arrival they will be taken to an observation site in the determined by the Government facility. Those not admitted for evacuation are staying under control of Chinese doctors and in contact with the consular service. 

    “I appeal to you with a request not to panic, to preserve common sense and understanding that in any situation we must remain human. Each of us or our loving person could have occurred there. We are taking away the people who are still experiencing a difficult period of life. Among the evacuees are a family with an 8-year-old son, a young couple, 20-year-old students. It is our responsibility to pick them up and create the most comfortable conditions we can. This concerns not only the organization of the flight and arrangement of their life, but also their acceptance by other Ukrainians. Isn't there enough room in such a large country for less than a hundred citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation?” stressed Deputy Health Minister Viktor Lyashko.

    Healthcare Ministry: We ensure proper evacuation of people from China