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  • Government has clarified the procedure for developing and reviewing sectoral market surveillance plans
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 26 May 2023 20:31

    The Government has amended the Procedure for the Development and Review of Sectoral Market Surveillance Plans, Monitoring and Reporting on their Implementation. The adopted resolution clarifies the powers and responsibilities of state market surveillance authorities, and brings certain provisions of this Procedure in line with the requirements of, among other things, European legislation. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the relevant decision at its meeting on May 26, 2023.

    "Every year, market surveillance authorities approve plans according to which they oversee the safety of non-food products. We have analysed the current market surveillance system and identified a number of shortcomings. Among the main ones is that the powers and responsibilities of the state market surveillance authorities and customs authorities were unclear in terms of drawing up inspection plans for the next calendar year. For example, the plans stipulated that all construction products were subject to supervision. But, given today's decision, the plan will now specify a specific type of product, such as windows, bricks, scaffolding, tiles, etc. The brand (model, article, modification) of such products may also be specified.  This will help both businesses and government agencies in the area of inspections, as everyone has to prepare for scheduled inspections in advance," explained Oleksii Sobolev, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    Thanks to the changes, the draft sectoral plan will now be published and approved in a timely manner. This will allow businesses to receive timely information on the lists of goods whose characteristics are to be tested, which will increase the level of safety of non-food products.

    In addition, the resolution introduces the following changes:

    • the plan will specify the specific products to be inspected: their type, category and/or group, as well as (if any) brand (model, article, modification)
    • the time for the State Customs Service to process the proposals of market surveillance authorities for drafting a plan for the control of products during customs clearance is increased from 15 days to 23 days;
    • the list of information to be included in the reports of the authorities on the implementation of the sectoral market surveillance plan is expanded, thus facilitating a qualitative assessment of the implementation of market surveillance measures.