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  • UNDP and Ministry of Economy sign a memorandum to strengthen partnership in sustainable development and economic growth
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 10 May 2024 09:27

    The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to strengthen their partnership in promoting sustainable development and economic growth in Ukraine.

    UNDP, as one of the agencies of the United Nations Organization system, works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, end poverty, promote gender equality and support good governance. The partnership with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine is aimed at strengthening sustainable development activities in Ukraine, taking into account the national priorities of the state and at the same time maximising the expertise and resources of both parties.

    The Memorandum covers a wide range of partnership areas, including:

    • Promoting resilient, inclusive and sustainable economic growth through the advancement of sustainable business models such as the circular and collaborative economy and social entrepreneurship.
    • Promoting public-private dialogue at all levels and building cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable economic recovery.
    • Supporting the creation of favourable conditions for attracting investments and lending to micro, small and medium-sized businesses, including those run by veterans, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities, women, youth, etc.
    • Development of human capital for economic growth and sustainable recovery.
    • Developing the labour market through targeted initiatives and policies aimed at equal access to employment opportunities for vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities and young people.
    • Introducing responsible business standards and promoting private sector development in line with EU corporate sustainability policies to increase its competitiveness in international markets.
    • Supporting the restoration and improvement of access to finance, basic infrastructure, workspaces and services for businesses, especially micro, small and medium-sized ones.
    • Strengthening the internal capacity, external coordination and financial structuring of the Ministry of Economy to effectively fulfil its responsibilities.
    • Supporting the Ministry in strengthening coordination of mine action within the Inter-Agency Working Group on Humanitarian Mine Action chaired by the First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy.
    • Exploring technological advances and innovative practices that can contribute to strategic development priorities for economic recovery and development.

    During the signing ceremony, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yuliia Svyrydenko noted that the Memorandum would contribute to the development of the business environment, support for small and medium-sized businesses and the Government's humanitarian demining efforts.

    "The document envisages broad cooperation in many areas, including the development of the private sector in the regions, creation of favourable conditions for attracting investment, lending to micro, small and medium-sized businesses. In this context, support for the restoration and improvement of access to finance, basic infrastructure, workspaces, and business services is very important. In addition, promoting labour market development, introducing innovative practices and, of course, strengthening the coordination of mine action are also important components," said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Jaco Cilliers noted that the announced partnership was a significant step towards supporting sustainable development and economic growth of Ukraine.

    "The further strengthening of cooperation between UNDP and the Ministry of Economy aims to bring its expertise and resources to bolster Ukraine's recovery and development efforts, leaving no one behind," said Jaco Cilliers following the signing of the Memorandum on behalf of UNDP Ukraine.