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  • Ukraine will become an energy hub for reliable electricity supply to Europe: German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 16 March 2023 16:06

    Synchronization with the European ENTSO-E grid has become an important element for the safety and reliability of the Ukrainian power system. This was emphasized by Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko on the air of the National Telethon.

    “The synchronization that took place a year ago – on March 16, 2022 – was an important element of the security of our power system, including during russian terrorist attacks on energy infrastructure facilities,” the Minister said.

    German Galushchenko emphasized that Ukraine had proven to the European side that it was a reliable partner in the electricity market. Even during the war, Ukraine exported electricity to the EU countries, which in turn helped Europeans to stop using russian gas and coal. Likewise, synchronization gave Ukraine the ability to use electricity imports to stabilize its system during russian attacks.

    “Ukraine has a huge potential. We are already a hub for Europe, and in the future Ukraine will be a huge hub for Europe in terms of electricity supply reliability,” summarized German Galushchenko.