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  • Ukraine to receive JPY 300 million from Japan to purchase endoscopes
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 05 May 2023 21:03

    The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft agency agreement on the implementation of Japanese grant assistance. The agreement will be concluded between the Government of Ukraine and Crown Agents Japan Limited.

    Grant assistance in the amount of JPY 300 million (equivalent to almost UAH 80 million) will be provided for the purchase of special equipment (endoscopes) for Ukrainian medical institutions.

    “The healthcare system has been one of the hardest hit by the war – the full-scale invasion of the russian federation has put a huge strain on it. This is not only due to the massive and systematic destruction of medical facilities, but also to the growing demand for certain types of medical care and services that were not previously a priority. Already, 177 healthcare facilities have been completely destroyed and 1,433 damaged. We are working not just to repair the damage, but to build back better,” said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

    For more than a year, Ukraine and its partners have been able to keep hospitals running, even near the frontline.

    “Despite the shelling and the challenges facing Ukraine’s healthcare system, with the support of international partners we are rebuilding the medical infrastructure and our hospitals continue to receive the best equipment. The grant from Japan will allow us to provide even more Ukrainian doctors and hospitals with modern medical equipment, making quality medical care more accessible to Ukrainian patients. We are very grateful for such a strong shoulder of support at a difficult time for us,” said the Minister.