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  • Ukraine prepares energy system for the next winter, given possible military threats, says German Galushchenko at the G7+ meeting
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 16 May 2023 17:49

    A regular meeting of the G7+ Coordination Group to assist Ukraine's energy sector has been held. The meeting was chaired by Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources and G7+ Coordinator of Ukraine’s efforts to assist the G7+ countries to help Ukraine restore its energy infrastructure, and attended by Katarína Mathernová, Deputy Director-General for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission.

    The event also gathered together Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko, Deputy Minister Yaroslav Demchenkov, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Artur Lorkowski, and Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova.

    German Galushchenko briefed the participants on the current situation in the energy system and russia's continued attempts to attack Ukraine's strategic facilities.

    "Recent night's attack proved once again that Ukraine's air defense system is working perfectly, and this gives us hope for the future. At the same time, we understand that russia will not give up its intentions and will continue to target our energy infrastructure, especially with the start of the next heating season. That is why we are already preparing for the winter, restoring what has been damaged and strengthening the protection of our energy facilities," the Minister said.

    The Minister of Energy emphasized the importance of commissioning the renewed Khmelnytsky NPP-Rzeszów power line, as this enhances Ukraine's energy security through the use of electricity export and import mechanisms.

    In preparation for the next heating season, we are also stockpiling the necessary equipment that may be needed to restore the facilities after the next enemy attack. Ukraine is grateful to international partners for the assistance already provided and informs about current needs on the AidEnergy platform. Among the most urgent needs now are equipment that will help us decentralize generation, including mobile gas turbines and gas pistons.

    The Minister also informed the participants of the meeting about measures to accumulate energy resources for the next heating season. He reminded that Ukrtransgaz, the gas storage operator, had passed certification under European rules, and Ukraine was ready to provide its European partners with the capacity of its underground gas storage facilities. This, in turn, will strengthen both European and Ukrainian energy security.