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  • Meeting of Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council: Oleksandr Tkachenko emphasized continued need to promote Ukrainian culture in the EU
    Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, posted 16 May 2023 17:04

    Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, joined the meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council held under the Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union online. On May 16, the Council discussed issues of culture, audiovisual media and education. During the meeting, the participants also addressed legislative issues, in particular, they focused on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), which is currently being actively developed.

    In his speech, the Minister expressed his gratitude for the unprecedented support and protection provided by the EU to artists and workers in the cultural and creative sectors in Ukraine and abroad. He also commended the coordinated and urgent initiatives of foreign partners to protect cultural heritage and digitalize Ukraine's cultural sector.

    "The war has brought a number of challenges, from security measures for the population and cultural heritage, cultural infrastructure, combating propaganda, disinformation, recovery from cultural and linguistic crime in the temporarily occupied territories to rethinking the role and importance of freedom and cultural rights for humanity, identity, expression and diversity in times of great uncertainty and vulnerability," said Oleksandr Tkachenko.

    "It is extremely important for us to increase grant support for the creation of new cultural products and content in Ukraine, as well as translations into Ukrainian and the publication of books for libraries in Ukraine. Therefore, continued support for the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors will increase European security and resilience, as well as strengthen shared democratic values," the Minister said.

    Separately, the Ukrainian Minister emphasized the continued need to promote Ukrainian culture in the EU.

    Due to the unprovoked russian aggression against Ukraine, which, unfortunately, continues, Ukraine's cultural and creative sectors need further support. The cultural heritage and cultural infrastructure are still under threat, and artists and cultural workers are either in danger or have temporarily left Ukraine. Therefore, after hearing the EU ministers' speeches, the Council's goal remains to raise awareness of the situation and the need to promote Ukrainian culture in the EU.