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  • Mobile units of the State Border Guard Service are being reformed in line with the best U.S. and European standards
    Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, posted 01 February 2019 09:44

    The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine conducted a considerable amount of work aimed at reorganizing and reforming the mobile units of the State Border Guard Service. In particular, they are applying  the best practices of U.S. and EU special units.

    Over the last period, in these divisions the functions of mobile forces, including the implementation of tasks associated with increased risk to life, ordered the system of personnel selection to the main units of the mobile detachment "DOZOR", a clear procedure for the use of forces and means have been separated/

    During the last year the mobile units were deployed on all sections of the state border. As a result, people who were illegally held in inhuman conditions were released, an unlawful tobacco processing and manufacturing company was detained, cars with smuggled goods were detained, illegally migrated and their shippers repeatedly detained, etc.

    It should be noted that the reform is being carried out with the material and technical assistance of the U.S. Embassy. Only during 2018 two boats with trailer, a uniform, sets of protective and tactical equipment, medical supplies, etc. were received. American partners spare no effort to help this year too. Recently, wind power and waterproof suits, tactical backpacks to the tune of $ 100.000 were donated to promote the development of the special  unit "DOZOR".