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  • Digitalisation of services and reduction of bureaucracy: Ihor Klymenko on the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs service centres
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 04 January 2024 16:53

    The reform of the service centres of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is underway in Ukraine. It includes maximum digitalisation of services and reduction of bureaucracy. The service centres of the Ministry of Internal Affairs now provide services quickly, conveniently and reliably. Citizens save time, can order documents remotely and receive them even abroad. This was stated by Ihor Klymenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, during the national news telethon.

    “You can order the replacement of a driving licence, the replacement of a lost driving licence or the preparation of a new driving licence. This is now a service for which you only have to pay a fee to the cash register, to the state. There is no need to go to an office. We have been doing this for the last six months. This is a joint achievement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine this year. The whole team wanted to do it,” said Ihor Klymenko.

    The Interior Minister also stressed that 25 heads of regional and territorial service centres had been dismissed over the past four months as part of the reform. Those who are now applying for new positions after the reorganisation are being subjected to polygraph tests.

    “Each regional service centre, i.e. each region, has a small internal security unit. It deals only with service units. We continue to implement such measures as part of investigations to identify such persons,” said the Minister of Internal Affairs.

    According to him, people have started to report more and provide information about the acts of extortion.