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  • Tymofii Mylovanov: Protection of fundamental rights of employees will be enshrined in law
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 04 December 2019 08:36

    On December 3, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Tymofii Mylovanov commented on a number of issues related to labour reform in Ukraine.

    "The employment reform will be implemented in Ukraine - employee protection standards will be met. It is necessary to abolish Soviet bureaucratic norms," Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Tymofii Mylovanov stressed at a briefing on December 3.

    The features of labor relations will be clearly set out in the new law because currently workers are not protected from abuse due to lack of legislative framework. Therefore, the Government takes a comprehensive and balanced approach to this issue, taking into account the opinions of trade unions and employers, as well as international experience.

    "Flexible working schedule, remote work, working from home are some of the Government's initiatives that we propose to enshrine in law. It is vital to enhance the protection of the fundamental rights of employees so that they can assert their rights," said Tymofii Mylovanov.

    In fact, novelties aren’t numerous as a lot of those have long been applied in the labor market but have not been supported by the legislative framework. For example, the regulation of payments for sick leave remains in the same version as it is currently in effect, but you can take an unpaid vacation for up to 30 days, while for now it is allowed only for 15 days.

    The employee and the employer must enter into an employment contract only in writing, while payment of wages should be made exclusively in cash and not in the commodity, as it used to be in Soviet times. We still have such a legacy, but, for example, the labor administration is no longer relevant in the digital age.

    Tymofii Mylovanov emphasized: "The employment record books are not canceled, but all information about the seniority of a person will be contained in the online register and will be accessible to the employee at any moment. This will allow avoiding paper bureaucracy, the risk of loss and as a result, the recovering of employment records."

    The new legislation will more reliably protect against the release of persons with disabilities, pensioners, pregnant women and those on maternity leave.

    "We aim to complicate, and ideally, to make it impossible, at all, when under the condition of bogus reorganizations of companies or institutions socially disadvantaged people are dismissed. Therefore, we want to legally protect all employees and make the dismissal of pregnant women impossible," Minister Tymofii Mylovanov stressed.

    According to the Minister, a new law on trade unions will be prepared to regulate the activities of trade unions and the relations with employees.

    Tymofii Mylovanov said: "It is critical for us to find a balance to protect both parties - the employee and the employer."