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  • Situation in energy system on 23 December
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 23 December 2023 11:29

    No electricity deficit in the system, a coal mine in Donetsk region de-energised due to shelling

    Power generation and consumption

    There is no shortage of electricity. The needs of consumers are covered by domestic generation and commercial imports. The power system is balanced.

    The building of one of the TPP units was put under short-term emergency repair.

    Also at night, at the request of Poland, which had a surplus of electricity, Ukraine received electricity in the amount of 1,500 MWh from the neighbouring country from 3 am to 8 am.

    No blackout schedules were applied.

    Consequences of shelling

    Due to technical problems caused by the hostilities, a 35 kV overhead line in Donetsk region was disconnected. All consumers have been reconnected using the reserve supply.

    A coal mine in Donetsk region remains without power due to the hostilities.

    State of the grid

    A 330 kV overhead line of NPC Ukrenergo in Dnipropetrovsk oblast was out of service for technical reasons. The line is currently in operation.


    Electricity imports for the current day amounted to 17,627 MWh. No exports are planned.