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  • Situation in energy system on 13 December
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 13 December 2023 11:31

    No electricity shortage, no power supply restrictions in any region

    Power generation and consumption

    No electricity shortages were recorded over the past day and are not expected for the current day. The electricity generated by Ukrainian power plants is sufficient to cover the needs of consumers. Commercial electricity imports will also be carried out.

    During the day, 2 TPP units were shut down for short-term emergency repairs. Equipment at one of the CHPPs was shut down in an emergency, but the plant is already in operation.

    The coal mines that were without power yesterday as a result of hostile shelling have been powered up.

    No blackout schedules have been applied in any of the regions. The situation is under control. The power system is balanced.

    Network status

    An autotransformer was disconnected due to technological disruptions at a 330 kV substation of NPC Ukrenergo in Chernivtsi region. The operation has been restored. There were no power outages.

    A 330 kV overhead line in Kharkiv region also went out of service. The cause of the outage is being investigated.

    Situation at the ZNPP

    The water level in the cooling pond is stable at 15.66 metres. This is sufficient to meet the plant’s needs.


    Commercial electricity imports totalled 2,703 MWh. There were no exports.