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  • Situation in energy system as of 21 April
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 21 April 2024 10:26

    Ukraine provided emergency assistance to Poland's power system; no electricity shortages are expected for the current day


    Due to network restrictions on the transmission system operator's lines, blackout schedules were applied yesterday in Kharkiv region and Kryvyi Rih. Restrictions in these regions are still in effect today.

    Due to sunny weather and the active operation of solar power plants, there was a surplus of electricity. At the request of the transmission system operator, Ukraine transferred excess electricity to Poland. The total amount of electricity transferred was 1600 MWh.

    Generation from renewable energy sources was also limited to a total of 1851 MWh. Consumers' needs were covered by domestric generation and commercial imports.

    No electricity shortages or emergency assistance are planned for the current day. No restrictions are planned for household and industrial consumers (except for Kharkiv and Kryvyi Rih).


    A high-voltage overhead line was disconnected due to the hostilities in Donetsk region. As a result, one of the energy companies had to reduce its power output. Consumers weren't disconnected.

    In Chernihiv region, overhead lines were damaged as a result of shelling, and more than 1,100 metering points in two settlements were disconnected.


    For the current day, electricity imports are forecast at 8430 MWh. Also, last night, small volumes of electricity were exported - a total of 139 MWh.