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  • Situation in energy system as of 8 July
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 08 July 2024 11:45

    Due to hostilities, a substation was de-energised in Donetsk region and train traffic was suspended; no restrictions on electricity consumption are expected until 14:00


    Today, due to a decrease in electricity consumption, hourly blackout schedules are not planned to be applied until 14:00.

    The heatwave continues in Ukraine, so electricity consumption may increase, in particular due to the active use of air conditioners. We urge everyone to consume electricity sparingly. This allows power engineers to keep the power system more stable.

    There will be no power cuts for critical infrastructure companies and companies that import 80% of their electricity in accordance with a government decree.

    The main reason for the restrictions is the enemy’s attacks on the energy infrastructure and the negative consequences of these attacks.


    In Kharkiv region, overhead power lines and substations were disconnected due to enemy shelling. Household consumers were cut off from electricity. All consumers have been supplied with electricity.

    In Donetsk region, a cable overhead line was disconnected due to hostilities. As a result, household consumers and the auxiliary needs of a high-voltage substation lost power.

    Also in the morning, an overhead line was disconnected in Donetsk region during the fighting. As a result, the substation and the household consumers connected to it lost power, as well as the railway (train traffic was suspended).


    An overhead line was disconnected in Dnipropetrovsk region. The substation and industrial enterprises connected to it lost power. All consumers have been reconnected.

    An overhead line was disconnected in Odesa region. Household consumers and the railway were cut off from power (no train traffic was disrupted). The power supply has been restored.

    In Volyn region, overhead power lines of regional power distribution companies were disconnected due to technological failures. As a result, several substations connected to household consumers lost power. All consumers have been supplied with electricity.


    For the current day, imports from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova are forecast to reach a maximum capacity of 1,538 MW in some hours.