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  • World should unite behind nuclear safety issues, urges Volodymyr Groysman at the Chornobyl Museum
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 26 April 2018 12:06

    These days the issue of nuclear safety is challenging for the entire world. There are those who still threaten with the use of nuclear weapons, yet people must unite behind the striving to prevent tragedies.

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced during his visit to the National Chornobyl Museum. The Head of Government paid tribute to the liquidators of the accident and got acquainted with the exposition of the institution.

    "When the accident happened I was 8, I remember the calamity was covered up, the people could not realize the aftereffects. I lived in Vinnytsia in the area where lived families evacuated from Chornobyl. It was just called Chornobyl. I grew up with those children, went to school together. The pain affected me," said Volodymyr Groysman. "We see the consequences of the accident: cancer, other illnesses. Unfortunately, there are still people living in the world who threaten with the use of nuclear weapons. But, the world, on the contrary, must unite behind security issues".


    The National Chornobyl Museum has been operating since April 1992 and it is not accidentally that it is located in a specially reconstructed historic building of the fire lookout tower - a monument of the architecture of the early twentieth century. Not far from the Museum in olden times there was situated Kyiv regional fire response department, that had borne the brunt of extinguishing the fire at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in April 1986. The museum's exposition is devoted to the chronicle of the Chornobyl events of 1986, analysis of the causes and consequences of the accident. There are about 7,000 different exhibits here - documents, maps marked "Confidential", photographs. A large number of expositions is demonstrated for the first time. There are an electronic "Book of memory of the participants in the aftermath of the Chornobyl disaster", unique videos, computerized programs about the catastrophe and its consequences.

    Today, in Ukraine, there are 199 thousand participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, including 58.1 thousand people with disabilities. The number of victims of the accident - 1.6 million people, in particular 48.4 thousand people with disabilities and 377.6 thousand children.

    This year the Government planned in the State Budget for 2018 UAH 1.919 billion expenditures to finance social programs for Chornobyl victims.

    On the night of April 26, 1986, there took place two thermal explosions with further ruining of the fourth power unit of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, releasing 300 times more radiation than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The catastrophe is considered to be the largest in the history of nuclear energy, both in terms of the number of those who died and suffered from its fallout, and in terms of economic losses.

    World should unite behind nuclear safety issues, urges Volodymyr Groysman at the Chornobyl Museum