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  • In synergy with Ukravtodor and the EBRD we kick off a project to develop infrastructure for electric vehicles, says Vladyslav Kryklii
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 30 April 2021 10:01

    The project will allow to take into account the needs of electric transport in the development of Ukraine's road network

    On April 29, a meeting was held on drafting the Ukravtodor Action Plan for the development of infrastructure for electric cars. The plan will take into account the demand of business and owners of electric vehicles, the strategic objectives of the Government and the Ministry of Infrastructure for the development of e-mobility and the implementation of the Green Deal targets.

    Among the attendees were representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Ukravtodor, the Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Reform Support Team at Ukravtodor.

    "Every year the number of electric vehicles in Ukraine is constantly growing. And I am convinced that our transport future lies with electric cars. For our part, we fully support and promote the use of environmentally friendly transport - both public and private e-transport. However, in order to promote it on a global scale, first of all, it is essential  to create a developed network of charging infrastructure, which would allow owners of electric cars to drive comfortably both in cities and in long-distance routes. That is why, I praise the start of the infrastructure development project, which we are launching together with Ukravtodor and the EBRD," Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Kryklii noted.

    The EBRD's consultant in this project is Atkins, an international company based in London. The project team includes 6 experts, including those specializing in e-mobility, financial and transport modelling.

    "The project enables us to adapt Ukraine's road infrastructure to global trends in the transport market. Global automotive companies are massively increasing the share of electric cars, some plan to switch completely to electric vehicles by 2030 because e-transport meets the environmental and energy challenges of the world. As part of the “Great Construction” project, we have separate projects for the development of roadside infrastructure, improving traffic safety, new road navigation, which will be integrated into the e-mobility project, " Head of Ukravtodor Olexandr Kubrakov commented.

    The road sector e-mobility project will be implemented within the joint project of Ukravtodor and the EBRD, an agreement on which was inked last December.

    It should be recalled that the project encapsulates the overhaul of almost 300 km of the M-05 Kyiv-Odesa road, the construction of the northern bypass around Lviv and the implementation of four important reforms for the road industry. Among them - the reform of the procurement system, improving traffic safety, development of infrastructure for electric vehicles, and the key one - anti-corruption.