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  • German Galushchenko urges russians to physically leave ZNPP
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 15 December 2022 19:00

    Negotiations on the creation of a neutral zone around Zaporizhzhia NPP are quite complicated. Ukraine insists that russians must leave the territory of Zaporizhzhia NPP and withdraw heavy equipment from there.

    This was stated by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko on air of the national telethon Yedyni Novyny (United News), staying at one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

    The Minister of Energy stressed that the nuclear industry is the basic one for the Ukrainian energy sector, because before the full-scale war the share of nuclear generation in the total energy mix had been up to 60%.

    "Today, all units located on the controlled Ukrainian territory are in operation and produce maximum electricity. And I am sure that in the near future Zaporizhzhia NPP units will join our power system as its integral part", the Minister stressed.

    German Galushchenko reminded that during the visit to Paris, the Ukrainian delegation headed by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal had met with IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi. And one of the key topics of this meeting was the issue of de-occupation of the ZNPP.

    "Indeed, negotiations are underway. We are talking about the neutrality zone both at the station itself and around it. The negotiations are quite complicated," he stressed.

    The Minister said that currently the parties had agreed on the work of permanent IAEA missions at all nuclear facilities of Ukraine, not only at ZNPP.

    "Regarding neutrality or agreement on neutrality zone. The position of Ukraine is clear, we have never changed it: russians must leave the station. We are talking about the military, heavy equipment and personnel of rosatom, which in fact helps to carry out the occupation. And after that we will talk about the zone, how it will be defined, how many kilometers it will be - 5, 10, 20," he explained.

    German Galushchenko stressed that the events at ZNPP were an issue not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world: "This issue is a challenge for all civilized countries in terms of nuclear safety first of all".

    The Minister also noted the clarity of the IAEA position that ZNPP is a Ukrainian plant: "There is no discussion now about the ownership of the station, despite the registration of the enterprise in moscow with the same name. The IAEA clearly states that it is a Ukrainian facility".

    German Galushchenko also stressed that russians continued to exert enormous pressure on ZNPP personnel, in particular, forcing them to sign contracts on cooperation with rosatom, which violates international norms and standards.

    "To ensure the 7 principles of nuclear safety, which the IAEA is in charge of, there is the first and key decision: the russians must leave the station. Physically leave. The doors must be closed behind them. And then we can talk", the Minister summed up.