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  • The first e-services of "A State in a Smartphone" will be launched soon
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 23 October 2019 14:25

    Electronic driving license, vehicle registration certificate and many others e-services. Today, the Government has endorsed a number of decisions designed to give a green light to such online services. This is an experimental project that will further expand the list of digital services. This is a pilot project and the  list of digital services will be further expanded.

    "The Government wants the state system to work for the benefit of people. The system should not create additional barriers, instead it should make the life of people easier", commented Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk.

    One of the first tools of a "A State in a Smartphone" will be introduction of online public services for drivers in test mode. A mobile application encapsulating all these services will be launched soon within the framework of the Action project.

    This step envisages that absolutely all car owners must not carry their driver's license every day, including technical passports as well. This is the first stage. Then we will make it possible that non-car owners can also have their documents in the mobile app.

    "Our goal is to make all services digital by 2024," said the Prime Minister.

     Moreover, the Government has approved a bill that will enable citizens to order license plates for cars online from any manufacturer. How it works now. When registering vehicles, the citizen could choose a license plate exclusively from the list of those who are in the service center. The corrupt officials by using this scheme as well as the big monopolists - the producers of the license plates benefited from this. The approval of the project will change this scheme, when registering a vehicle the person will receive a certificate of registration with the selected license plate. Then a person will be able to order the desired license plate from any producer. The main requirement is that the license plate should be in line with the state standard.

    The first e-services of