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  • Parliament has passed Budget 2020
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 14 November 2019 14:54

    The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the State Budget for 2020. 280 MPs supported the country's core financial document developed by the Government.

    For the first time, the country's financial document does not envisage raising taxes to ensure the payment of external debts actually paid by every Ukrainian citizen. At that, there were planned significant expenditures for such priorities as medicine, education, infrastructure in State Budget 2020.

    In particular, next year’s budget expenditures will be increased to create the Sustainable School for Better Results program, to motivate and support young teachers (introduce annual financial support for each young teacher (UAH 21,000), continue the reform of the New Ukrainian School, to prolong development of vocational education training centers, maintaining subsidies to provide education for children with special educational needs.

    "Ukrainians must have strong health, and the main thing is to receive high-quality, affordable medical services," Oleksiy Honcharuk stressed. Hence, expenditures for the healthcare sector have been increased, with the most important being the Medical Guarantees Program, which stipulates for making such services as childbearing, treatment of strokes, heart attacks and treatment for infants free of charge, as well as the purchase of 470 new ambulance cars, the opening of 25 emergency departments, one in each region, continuation of the Available Medicine program, treatment of Ukrainians abroad.

    "We guarantee social support to everyone who needs that," assured Oleksiy Honcharuk. In the country's budget for 2020, sufficient funding has been budgeted for subsidies and pensions taking into account indexation.

    “We will earn more money inside the country. The sources will be transparent privatization, leveraging investment, and improved legal regulation of markets. And the most essential thing is equal rules for all,” the Prime Minister of Ukraine emphasized.

    The infrastructure section of State Budget 2020 expenditures contains funding for repair and construction of roads, reconstruction of airports, traffic safety.

    But perhaps the most essential is the defense and national security of Ukraine, which account for an unprecedented 5.45% of GDP in 2020 Budget.


    State budget revenues for 2020 are estimated in the amount of UAH 1,093,700,000,000 notably general fund revenues - UAH 974,700,000,000 and special fund revenues - UAH 119,000,000,000. Expenditures amount to UAH 1,180,100,000,000, including general fund expenditures - UAH 1,052,200,000 and special fund expenditures - UAH 127,900,000.

    Parliament has passed Budget 2020