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  • Oleksiy Honcharuk: E-cabinet of tenant builder is the step towards rooting out corruption in the construction sector
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 13 December 2019 12:13

    The e-cabinet of the developer has been launched. Hence, registration and receipt of documents, permits, licenses and certificates for construction sites have been turned into electronic format.

    "Today the Government has taken the first step toward eradication of corruption in the construction sector. We are introducing an e-cabinet of the tenant builder. These are fully automated services that are instantaneously provided and do not require involvement of officials. Our team is doing everything to root out corruption in the country. And the sooner "A State in a Smartphone" will be launched, the less corruption will be at the mundane level, while the quality of services will improve," Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk stressed.

    According to the Head of Government, the e-cabinet will be launched in several stages. The first one stipulates for the provision of services for obtaining document for objects with minor (CC1) effects that are residential and industrial buildings (up to four floors), as well as linear infrastructure objects and even roads. This will apply to all stages of construction: preparatory and construction work, as well as building commissioning.

    In the next stage, online services will also be available in a few months regarding objects with medium (CC2), and significant (CC3) effects.

    The information in the e-cabinet will be checked automatically, including the ownership of the land plot and its designated purpose, the parameters of the object's compliance with CC1: square footage, number of storeys and etc.

    "We have created an automatic service excluding the participation of an official. The human factor is no longer present here. The mission of our Government is to transfer all services in such a format. Digital transformation and IT tools are just technologies, but the most important thing is to understand the essence of the service itself. We are working to achieve the result and to ensure its effectiveness", comments Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

    According to the Minister of Development of the Communities and Territories, Aliona Babak, an Order regulating the work of the electronic cabinet has already been registered. Everyone who decides to use the services will receive necessary information what and how they should do.

    "People who want to build no longer have to pass through bureaucratic circles," the Minister summarized, adding that the online service is available on the DABI portal at: https://e-dabi.gov.ua/, through the personal cabinet registration.

    Commenting on the launch of the system, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Development Andrii Klochko noted that the e-cabinet of tenant builder significantly simplifies the work in the construction sector.

    Olena Shuliak, a Cabinet of Ministers representative in the Verkhovna Rada, said: "Submission of application in a paper format will remain available and will normally take five working days while the declaration will take ten days. Whereas, with the help of an e-cabinet, decisions will be made automatically - up to five seconds instead of 5-10 days - and emailed to the applicant."

    Oleksiy Honcharuk: E-cabinet of tenant builder is the step towards rooting out corruption in the construction sector