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  • Health Ministry of Ukraine develops a system of universal health coverage in healthcare sector
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 13 December 2019 13:23

    Everyone should have access to the quality healthcare service they need without the financial burden. December 12 marks International Universal Health Coverage Day, proclaimed by the United Nations. The Day aims to raise awareness of the need for strong and resilient health systems and universal health coverage with multi-stakeholder partners.

    In May 2019, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine signed a Global Compact for Progress towards universal health coverage. This will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and build a safer and healthier world by 2030. Universal health coverage (UHC) covers many aspects of health care and promotes measures to ensure safety and equity in this area. Good health gives children the opportunity to study, adults - to earn income, to combat social and gender inequalities, provides the basis for well-being and long-term economic development.