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  • Investment volume in the New Ukrainian School makes up UAH 7 billion, the New Educational Space needs to be further developed, claims Prime Minister
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 August 2019 10:43

    The total investment in the New Ukrainian School and in the formation of the New Educational Space amounted to more than UAH 7 billion and these investments need to be continued. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said this during a traditional August conference on preparation for the new academic year "New Ukrainian School - Challenges and Prospects for Education Reform".

    The conference is attended by about 650 people - teachers from all over Ukraine, teachers, representatives of local authorities, heads of consolidated communities, as well as representatives of international organizations with representative offices in Ukraine. The essential component of the conference is exhibitions of textbooks published at the expense of the state budget,  presentation of electronic educational resources and the latest educational tools. Moreover, at this year's conference augmented reality textbooks, classroom management software, a SMART teacher case containing 15,000 interactive math and Ukrainian language lessons for elementary school students, and a line of electronic pedagogical games for elementary students. Most of the exhibits are domestic developments. The presentation of the food systems  in schools and children's camps became the attention grabber. More than 1,000 school food services across Ukraine are working under the new recipes, and the maximum plan for developers is to switch all Ukrainian schools into new standards of nutrition.

    Addressing the educators and conference participants, the Prime Minister noted that education is the topmost priority because education is not just a sphere of life. "This is the sphere that determines our present and future. For our government, education is the highest priority: from pre-school to high schoolю We have many professions, tasks and problems. But the issues of education and educators should become an overriding priority. The education system became a starting point for  engineers, servicemen and doctors", the Head of Government stressed.

    In this context, Volodymyr Groysman placed a special emphasis on the need to support and strengthen respect for the Ukrainian teacher. On the part of the Government, this step is encapsulated in the programs of regular increase of teachers salaries. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the decision to increase wages for coaches of children's and youth sports schools by 20-70% since January 1, 2020 with an emphasis on supporting young teachers. "We invested UAH 7 billion in the New Ukrainian School. And now we must make sure that a single educational space is formed in line with the tasks and priorities. There should be no queues to kindergartens, no shortage of schools or lack of funding. It is important not to stop but to continue what has been done", the Prime Minister stressed.


    The sum worth UAH 3.8 billion was directed for the programs of the New Ukrainian School. Moreover, this year a separate funding for projects for the creation  and repair of existing sports complexes at secondary schools of all levels was allocated.  More than 80 projects have already been approved for implementation. The reform of education and the formation of the New Ukrainian School made Ukraine one of the countries that undergo fundamental educational changes in view of the economic, political and social transformations of the world.

    Investment volume in the New Ukrainian School makes up UAH 7 billion, the New Educational Space needs to be further developed, claims Prime Minister