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  • Germany is the partner of Ukraine in the development of energy efficiency sector

    The German government supports Ukraine in various directions, including improving energy efficiency in various sectors of the economy.

    "The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) is providing assistance on our path of reforms. At the same time, the GIZ energy cluster is growing and already has 9 projects", said Ima Khrenova-Shymkina, deputy head of the GIZ project "Energy Efficiency Reform in Ukraine", at the V Energy Efficiency Partnership Forum held by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Kyiv.

    Thus, with the support of the German Government, implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, the introduction of energy management mechanisms and ESCO are ongoing.

    Ima Khrenova-Shimkina also paid particular attention to energy efficiency improvement in companies. It is just energy-efficient projects that affect the reduction in the cost price of manufactured products and the increasing competitiveness of enterprises and the country as a whole.

    It should be noted that with the support of the GIZ project Energy Efficiency in Companies and the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Ukraine, a Network of Energy Efficient Enterprises of Lviv and a Network of Energy Efficient Bakers were established. Next is the setting up of the Energy Efficiency Network for building materials manufacturers.

    In general, during the forum, experts from various GIZ projects presented the results of work on the legislative framework and talked about the peculiarities of cooperation with communities and business in the sector of energy efficiency.