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  • 31 people sent to clinics abroad for treatment
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 22 February 2019 16:48

    18 adults and 13 children whose illnesses are not currently cured in Ukraine will soon receive the necessary treatment at a foreign clinic at public expense. The decision was made by the Commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine on receiving treatment abroad during the second meeting in 2019.

    14 patients are sent for bone marrow transplantation, others - for organ transplantation. For the treatment of these Ukrainians, there will be spent about UAH 74 million from the state budget and balances of funds held in accounts of foreign clinics. In total, under this program, in the State Budget for 2019, there was planned to provide almost UAH 690 million.

    Earlier, this year, 44 people were already sent for treatment in foreign clinics. Therefore, as of February 21, there are already decisions regarding 75 patients.

    It should be noted that in 2018, 278 Ukrainian citizens were sent for treatment abroad. It is by 19% more than in 2017, and the biggest amount in the history of independent Ukraine. Due to the efforts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2018 over UAH 653 million was applied under the budget program "Treatment of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad", which exceeds by UAH 263 million the amount provided for in the State Budget for 2018.

    Under the program "Treatment of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad", for undergoing the medical treatment in foreign clinics are sent the Ukrainian citizens having mainly oncohematological, oncological, neurosurgical, cardiosurgical diseases and congenital anomalies in case it cannot be provided in the healthcare facilities of Ukraine. Treatment abroad is an exceptional measure provided for citizens whose illness is not treated in Ukraine, regardless of age, sex, social origin, property status, place of residence and other characteristics.

    It should be noted that in 2018, Ukrainian citizens received medical treatment in Belarus (172 people), Turkey (49), Italy (19), India (19), Germany (10), Poland (6). Moreover, Israel, Lithuania and Finland provided medical treatment to one patient each. In 2018, the following operations were performed: kidney transplantation - 104 (4 children); kidney and pancreas transplantation - 1; liver transplantation - 27 (1 child); lung transplantation - 3 (1 child); heart transplantation - 22 (2 children); heart-lung transplantation - 6; transplantation of bone marrow - 110 (54 children); other types of treatment - 5 (1 child).