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  • Ihor Zhdanov: The Ministry creates opportunities for youth cooperation within the framework of the Council of Europe programs, EU initiatives and youth exchanges
    Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, posted 22 February 2019 15:55

    One of the key tasks of youth policy is the promotion of international youth cooperation. Minister of Youth and Sports Ihor Zhdanov announced speaking to the participants of the 7th Kyiv Security Forum.

    "To fulfill this task, events are being held for young people to promote NATO standards not only in the military but also in the humanitarian sector. On October 4-5, 2018, in Kyiv, the Ministry organized the Ukraine-NATO All-Ukrainian Youth Forum, which involved almost 100 young people from all regions of Ukraine. The aim was to study NATO directions of activities and to highlight young people's thoughts on future trends in Ukraine's foreign policy since despite the overall tendency to support EU and NATO membership in Ukrainian society there are still present a number of myths and misunderstandings about their activities", the Minister said.

    He also emphasized that the Ministry of Youth and Sports creates new opportunities for youth cooperation within the framework of the Council of Europe, the EU Eastern Partnership initiative, and the establishment of international youth exchanges, in particular with our strategic partners - Lithuania and Poland. One of the priorities of these exchanges is the dissemination of European values and the experience of Euro-Atlantic integration among the youth of our countries.

    "I want to emphasize that only together we can overcome all the global challenges and difficulties. After all, the combination of such factors as security and the strive to comply with European standards will certainly have a positive impact on the development of Ukraine as a whole", said Ihor Zhdanov.