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  • Using SAP Ariba improves the efficiency of medical procurement - ambulances and medical equipment needed to treat the wounded purchased: Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 02 January 2024 20:07

    russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has complicated the work of all government agencies and institutions. Cyberattacks, power outages and a changing legislative environment - all these challenges cannot be overcome without effective tools.

    One of them is SAP Ariba, a functionality that has enabled Medical Procurement of Ukraine to make procurement more efficient and responsive and to reach a wider range of suppliers.

     The SAP Ariba platform is designed for procurement procedures and has more than 6 million registered suppliers all around the world.

    The system automates the work of all participants at all stages of the procurement process.

     What is the difference between SAP Ariba and other procurement systems, including Prozorro?

    Prozorro is an electronic procurement system where qualification and bidding take place.

    SAP Ariba is a procurement tool that has a wider range of functions. For example, it allows one to configure auctions (English, Japanese, Dutch), has a contract management module, a database of trusted suppliers, tracking and analysis systems, etc.

    In other words, SAP Ariba and Prozorro now perfectly complement each other, creating an almost fully automated flow of processes and data, as well as allowing Medical Procurement of Ukraine to respond quickly, flexibly and effectively to any changes and challenges.

    SAP Ariba was used to purchase 400 LAC devices and 10,000 sets of consumables to help seriously injured people with donor funds raised under the auspices of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK. These are scarce items in the Ukrainian market, but thanks to SAP Ariba, we managed to find one of the highest quality suppliers in just a few days at a price three times lower than the market price in Ukraine.

     In addition, the SAP Ariba network was used to purchase 13 NATO-standard armoured casualty evacuation vehicles from a Canadian manufacturer at a 15% savings. They were manufactured on a special order, delivered to Ukraine this year and transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    The system also hosted the first unique bidding in Ukraine for the purchase of 4 operating microscopes for neurosurgery within UNITED24, with SAP Ariba saving 40% on procurement.

    Starting from 2024, Medical Procurement of Ukraine will fully switch to SAP Ariba in the processes from order receipt to concluding contract.

    This will allow the regulatory authorities and society to be 100% confident in the transparency and integrity of the organisation, and the state to save money that can be used for additional procurement of other necessary medical products.