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  • Ministry of Finance: In December 2023, taxes, duties and other payments to the general fund of the state budget amounted to UAH 127.1 billion
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 02 January 2024 15:15

    According to the latest data from the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, in December 2023, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 127.1 billion in taxes, duties and other payments.

    Among the payments controlled by tax and customs authorities, the main revenues were received from the following directions:

    UAH 35.7 billion - value-added tax on goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine;

    UAH 22.5 billion - value-added tax on goods produced in Ukraine, works performed and services rendered (with UAH 33.4 billion collected, and UAH 10.9 billion refunded);

    UAH 20.9 billion - personal income tax and military duty;

    UAH 8.3 billion - excise tax;

    UAH 4.1 billion - corporate income tax;

    UAH 3.2 billion - import and export duties;

    UAH 3.0 billion - rent for the use of subsoil.

    Another important source of state budget revenues in December 2023 was the funds received by Ukraine in the form of international assistance (grants): its volume totalled UAH 20.5 billion in the month.

    More information can be found on the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine website.