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  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine to apply the best world experience to the e-prescription services
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 02 August 2018 09:39

    From July 25 to July 27, 2018, the SAFEMed project organized a series of seminars on improving the efficiency of access to medicines in Ukraine for specialists from the Ministry of Health, the National Health Service of Ukraine and the State Enterprise "Electronic Health". Michael Gremillon, an international expert on pharmaceutical systems, presented all possible functional solutions that could be integrated into the eHealth system via e-recipe.

    The e-recipe will be a significant step in the development of the electronic healthcare system. Its implementation will help simplify and improve many processes related to the planning, statistics and logistics of access of Ukrainians to pharmaceuticals. Transferring recipe into an electronic form shall simplify many processes and, as a result, patients will be able to get the drug in a more convenient way and, if necessary, uninterruptedly.

    "The e-recipe is one of the most important components for the continuous provision of patients with medicines. For doctors, the e-recipe will be a good tool in deciding on the prescribing treatment. The combination of the recipe prescription service with the patient's electronic card will allow the doctor to take into account each particular patient's health and other prescriptions to be selected for the correct treatment. For the National Health Service of Ukraine, pharmacies and hospitals - it will help establish a rapid exchange of information to pay for medicines. For the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the e-recipe will become an effective tool for collecting statistical data for monitoring the selling of drugs, planning for financing medicines provision programs", stressed Deputy Minister of Health Roman Ilyk.


    The Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) Project is a five-year $12.4 million contract funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID)/Ukraine aimed to support reforms in managing medicines through strengthening pharmaceutical sector governance, optimizing pharmaceutical sector finance, and supporting improved availability and use of essential medicines. The project is led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and joined by partners Overseas Strategic Consulting (OSC) and IC Consulting Ltd. (UK)