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  • Ukraine and Israel completed legal reconsiliation of the FTA text
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 01 August 2018 18:01

    On August 1, 2018, Ukraine and Israel completed the legal review of the text of the draft FTA. The relevant stage was conducted by authorized representatives of the Ukrainian and Israeli government delegations in Tel Aviv, the State of Israel, as part of the preparation of the text of the agreement for signing.

    During the legal reconsiliation process the parties agreed on the text of the 12 sections and annexes to the draft Agreement, as well as the applying of terms as envisaged by international practice in the conclusion of relevant intergovernmental agreements.

    The next step in preparing the Agreement for signing is the translation of the agreed text into Ukrainian and Hebrew.


    Under the Export Strategy of Ukraine, Israel is a promising market to export Ukrainian products. The conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement is aimed at strengthening mutual trade and increasing cooperation in the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy.

    The completion of negotiations on the essence of the Agreement took place this year on March 28. The following procedures such as reconsiliation the text, translation and others are part of the document preparation procedure for signing by authorized country representatives.