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  • Ministry of Healthcare: 119 people sent to clinics abroad for treatment
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 10 December 2019 10:10

    119 patients whose illnesses are not currently cured in Ukraine will soon receive the necessary treatment at a foreign clinic at public expense. On December 5, 2019, the corresponding decision was made by the Commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine on receiving treatment abroad.

    60 Ukrainians, including 4 children, will be sent for kidney transplantation. Funds were allocated for liver transplantation for 9 patients and for heart transplantation for 4 patients. Moreover, a decision was made to finance the transplantation of the bone marrow for 46 patients, including 12 children.

    The Government has additionally allocated UAH 233 thousand for the treatment program abroad.

    The Ukrainian citizens suffering from oncohematological, oncological, neurosurgical, cardiosurgical diseases and congenital anomalies are sent to undergo the medical treatment in foreign clinics under the program "Treatment of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad" in case it is impossible to provide treatment in Ukrainian hospitals.

    It should be noted that under the budget program "Treatment of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad" in 2019 a sum worth UAH 689 thousand was allocated, which made possible to finance the treatment of 320 citizens.