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  • Ministry of Health to adjust prices for medicines from National Medicines List
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 03 April 2019 12:55

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will regulate the prices for medicines from the National Medicines List. The decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine today, April 3. From July 1, the Ministry of Health will set bound prices for medicines, which Ukrainian citizens take most often.

    The National Medicines List, containing medications which on the first place hospital buy, comprise 427 drugs with proven efficacy. About 60 of them are popular drugs that Ukrainians mostly take. In monetary terms, they account for about 80% of the total volume of purchases in the regions. The introduction of state regulation of prices for popular drugs according to preliminary estimates will save about UAH 214 million. For these funds, medical institutions will be able to buy more necessary medicines from the National List. From this, patients will benefit - they will receive even more free medicines during the hospital service.

    Price regulation will be based on the reference pricing model. That is, the prices of medicines in five neighboring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia) are compared and the price is fixed not exceeding those showings.

    Such a price restriction will apply to the purchase of medicines by health care institutions at the budget funding. It applies only to those medicines the price of which is higher in Ukraine than the price in reference countries, and for which the annual sales amount is more than UAH 5 million. The reference price is calculated for international non-proprietary names of drugs.

    Similar regulation of prices for 23 active substances acts in the program Available Medicines. But unlike the referencing model used to set the price limit for the Available Medicines reimbursement program, the marginal price for medicines from the National List will be fixed based on the average price of the three lowest values from the five countries in which the experts will compare the prices.

    Apart from that, a lowering factor of 0.8 (as recommended by the WHO) will be applied additionally to the price correction. After all, the level of income and solvency in Ukraine is lower than in countries that are taken to compare prices.

    At the first stage, the state will regulate the prices for medicines, the expenditures for which amounted to more than UAH 5 million of public funds (according to Prozorro).

    If the price in Ukraine is lower than the price in the reference countries, the market mechanism of price regulation triggers - the reference (marginal) price is not set. The reference price will be set as a limit only for those NML medicines and drug forms, the price for which in Ukraine (according to Prozorro) is higher than the reference price.

    The list of medicines to which the referencing will be applied will be updated once a year during the budget year.

    For the retail sale of medicines from the National Medicines List, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine also introduces price regulation, but through another mechanism. The mechanism of regressive surcharges that will help get rid of the negative phenomenon when pharmacists deliberately persuade to buy the most expensive medication from among all the analogs.  

    The mechanism of regressive surcharges suggests that the more expensive the drug is, the lower the percentage of increment a pharmacy will be able to set on it.