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  • Ministry of Health reports on readiness for safe evacuation of Ukrainians from China
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 17 February 2020 16:31

    The Cabinet of Ministers at its extraordinary meeting allocated funds for the 14 days monitoring of evacuees from China. The Government will provide all the necessary personal protective equipment to the full extent. This was announced today by the Minister of Health Zoriana Skaletska.

    On February 18, the plane will be sent to China to evacuate Ukrainians.

    "We will be carrying out the evacuation in line with tall WHO recommendations. Only people who do not have symptoms of acute respiratory infection should be evacuated, "Health Minister stressed.

    She explained that before evacuation all people will undergo mandatory screening by Chinese doctors.

    There are about a hundred people who will be placed under medical observation. Among them, 65 evacuees, 18 crew members, 3 doctors, 4 employees of State Emergency Sevice of Ukraine (SESU) and two employees of the State Customs Service and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

    How will people be evacuated?

    All team members and accompanying persons will undergo appropriate training organized by the Public Health Center and the Laboratory Center for Air Transport of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

    Only people without symptoms of acute respiratory infection will be allowed to board the plane. All crew members will be in protective clothing.

    Immediately after landing, all safety measures will be taken - the aircraft will be immediately sent to the sanitary aircraft parking. The required customs procedures will be carried in biosecurity suits.

    Passengers and members of the security team will be taken to the observation point by separate vehicles. Drivers (SESU employees), along with other people will be kept in quarantine for 14 days at the observation point.

    After transporting people to the location, the transport will be disinfected

    Medical personnel, who accompanied the flight, will continue their work and provide health surveillance in the observation.

    The location will also be under the protection of National Guard and National Police officers around the clock.

    Ministry of Health reports on readiness for safe evacuation of Ukrainians from China