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  • Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko signed agreement on launch of a project for the modernization of a potable water supply in Mariupol
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 13 July 2020 14:04

    Today, July 13, Minister of Finance Serhii Marchenko signed a quadripartite sub-loan agreement between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, the Mariupol City Council and the Mariupol Water Supply and Sewerage Production Enterprise to launch a project to modernize the drinking water supply system in Mariupol. Funding for the project involves a soft loan from the French government represented by Natixis company in the amount of EUR 64 million.

    The cooperation of the Ministry of Finance with the French party on financing this project had been launched in 2018, and on March 3, 2020 the Ministry of Finance on behalf of Ukraine and Natixis on behalf of the French Republic signed an Implementing Agreement defining the terms of financing the project being the most favorable in terms of its financial attractiveness: long loan term - 30 years; preferential rate - 0.08% per annum.

    The project envisages the construction of a plant for the production of potable water using French technologies, as well as the modernization of the associated infrastructure of Mariupol. Given the use of water resources of the reservoir, the project also provides for the development by 2040 of the General Plan for improving the water supply and sewerage system of the city.

    The implementation of this initiative will allow Mariupol to solve the long-standing problem of lack of quality water in the city and improve the quality of drinking water services, which is important for the city with 450,000 population.

    "The Government is consistently implementing a plan to restore the infrastructure of Donbas and involving European partners in the execution of extremely important initiatives for the population of the region. The construction of a plant for the production of drinking water using French technology, as well as the modernization of related infrastructure is the practical evidence. The project to upgrade the drinking water supply system in Mariupol is a pilot project for Ukraine, but I am convinced that the positive experience of Mariupol will be an example for other cities all over Ukraine. In fact, this is just the beginning of our path to support and rehabilitate the area of Eastern Ukraine," said Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko.

    The completion of funding, and consequently the implementation of the project should take place by July 31, 2025. The project will be implemented by the Mariupol Industrial Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities.