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  • Ihor Petrashko held an online meeting with the European Business Association
    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, posted 13 July 2020 12:16

    The Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Ihor Petrashko met with representatives of the European Business Association in the format of a zoom conference.

    The Minister spoke about the current state, dynamics and forecasts of economic development, as well as government initiatives to support business.

    "The new progressive monetary policy from the National Bank in combination with government stimulus decisions will have a positive impact on economic development. We have all the prerequisites for the so-called jump start of the economy, "the Minister assured.

    According to him, the stimulus tools for stabilization and growth of the economy are as follows: the government's program on partial unemployment, and the project "Great Construction", as well as credit programs, and initiatives to support domestic production.

    Besides, Ihor Petrashko drew attention to the strengthening of investment policy in the country.

    "We pose interest to the world and see investment opportunities, for example, in the automotive industry, IT (creation of innovation clusters), pharmaceuticals, industrial logistics chains, etc.," said the Minister.

    During the conversation, Ihor Petrashko answered questions from industries and companies that were addressed to the Ministry of Economic Development through the association. In particular, the issues concerned international trade and negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey, investigations of the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade, the activities of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and consumer rights protection, intellectual property protection, and some issues of discussion arising in certain industries.

    In conclusion, the parties agreed to make such communication between the Ministry and the Association on a constant basis to address the most pressing issues of the business community.