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  • Infrastructure Ministry: Hromadas to receive nearly UAH 4.48 billion in subvention for infrastructure restoration and development

    The Government has approved the procedure and conditions for allocating nearly UAH 4.48 billion in subventions to local budgets for the restoration and development of infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, housing, utilities, etc.

    The source of the subvention is the remaining funds allocated last year by the European Investment Bank.

    How will the subvention be distributed?

    1. Hromadas will submit lists of projects to the Regional Military Administrations (RMAs) and the Kyiv City Military Administration (KCMA) for approval.

    2. Based on the hromadas’ proposals, the RMAs and the KCMA will prepare a list of projects and submit it to the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development for approval.

    The selection will be based on the feasibility, effectiveness and priority of the projects to meet the basic needs of the population.

    3. After the Ministry approves the final list of projects, the final list will be approved by the KCMA and the RMAs. All approved projects will be submitted to the European Investment Bank.

    Priority in the allocation of subventions will be given to the regions most affected by the full-scale russian invasion.

    All selected reconstruction and infrastructure development projects will be managed through the Digital Reconstruction Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREAM). This will ensure transparency and accountability of their implementation for both the public and international partners.