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  • In March, Ministry of Finance transferred UAH 17.5 billion from state budget to local budgets
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 11 April 2023 11:19

    In March 2023, the Government of Ukraine made inter-budget transfers to local budgets in the amount of UAH 17.5 billion, which is 84% of the allocations envisaged in the budget plan, in particular:

    • the basic subsidy was transferred in the amount of UAH 2.4 billion, or 100% of the allocations;
    • the education subvention was transferred in the amount of UAH 6.8 billion, or 100% of the allocations.

    In March 2023, local budgets received UAH 17.5 billion in transfers.

    Besides, in March, local governments in the territories where military operations were ongoing or in the temporarily occupied territories still had at their disposal a reverse subsidy of UAH 0.7 billion, which was not transferred to the state budget in wartime.

    Between January and March 2023, the balances of local budgets and budgetary institutions in the general and special funds increased by UAH 34 billion and amounted to UAH 149.4 billion as of April 1, 2023.

    Cash balances increased in all regions of Ukraine. With these resources, local governments will further be able to finance priority needs at the local level.