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  • Ministry of Finance continues to ensure stable budget payments
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 28 February 2022 15:42

    Under the martial law, the Ministry of Finance provides for the needs of the state, its protection, social support, macroeconomic and financial stability of Ukraine.

    Despite difficult conditions due to military aggression by the Russian Federation, Ukraine's budget system is fully operational. The Ministry of Finance, the State Treasuryof Ukraine and the NBU jointly ensure that all necessary payments are made.

    In the single treasury account there has been accumulated funds in the amount of UAH 33 billion. This makes it possible to satisfy all the needs in necessary payments.

    Expenditures on security and defense, as well as protected expenditures such as pensions, social benefits, salaries of state employees, public debt service are financed primarily.

    The team of the Ministry of Finance is negotiating with our international partners around the clock to attract financial assistance. The IMF, the World Bank, EBRD, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, the EU, international investment funds, payment systems, banks – all of those support Ukraine experiencing extremely difficult times.

    Glory to Ukraine!