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  • Ministry of Digital Transformation: The number of public services for Ukrainians in the CASPs will triple
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 18 August 2021 15:13

    The Government has passed an order that will allow to triple the mandatory list of services in centers of administrative service provision (CASPs). As a result, citizens will be able to receive the necessary services in a single office.

    CASPs in cities with a population of millions, taking into account the services of local governments, will provide up to 598 services, district centers - 548, territorial communities - 383. Visitors of territorial units and remote workplaces will be able to use 282 services.

    Services from 13 spheres will be available for visitors of CASPs:

    • Social protection: 101 administrative services
    • Business and community activities: 79 administrative services
    • Land and ecology: 69 administrative services
    • Construction and real estate: 47 administrative services
    • Transport: 32 administrative services
    • Citizenship and migration: 23 administrative services
    • Education, sports and tourism, culture and religion: 17 administrative services
    • Life safety: 16 administrative services
    • Production and circulation of certain types of products: 9 administrative services
    • State Registration of Acts of Civil Status services: 9 administrative services
    • Agriculture: 6 administrative services
    • Finance and taxes: 3 administrative services
    • Professional activity: 1 administrative service

    What other benefits will Ukrainians receive?

    Services will be provided on a single window basis.

    CASP will provide a variety of services that meet the needs and requests of citizens. This will allow people from even the most remote corners of Ukraine to get the necessary services in their locations.

    Administrative services will become even more accessible.

    Earlier, citizens had to receive services in different places - district state administrations, territorial divisions of ministries, regional state administrations. From now on, all these services will be available at the CASP.

    Citizens will learn more information about services.

    All lists of services in CASPs will be unified with the Guide to Public Services. This will be realized through the appearance of identifiers - unique numbers for each service on the Guide. In addition, identifiers will help track statistics on services and improve their quality.

    Ministry of Digital Transformation: The number of public services for Ukrainians in the CASPs will triple