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  • We must transform Ukraine into a country of opportunities instead of a country with problems, pledges Oleksiy Honcharuk
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 29 October 2019 00:27

    The idea of holding an investment forum in Mariupol on October 29 emerged to demonstrate that Ukraine is changing and becoming a country of opportunities. This was stated by Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk on air of the ICTV channel, while commenting on the holding of the first investment forum RE: THINK. Invest in Ukraine being held on the initiative of the President of Ukraine and with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

    "The forum in Mariupol is an extremely important event for Ukraine. First of all, to demonstrate to both domestic and foreign investors that Ukraine is changing, and that's where growth begins. Our Government has set a very ambitious goal to achieve economic growth at least 5-7% a year. And according to results that will be achieved in five years it should ensure growth to the tune of 40%. This is a real goal, but to achieve that we need to change the perception of Ukraine among investors. We must eradicate perception of Ukraine as a problematic country - we have to become a country of opportunities", Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

    The PM added that many investors would take part in the forum to see how the country is changing.

    "We gather investors to demonstrate two things: the rules will be the same for everyone. Corruption, raiding as well as shadow economy will become history. And second - many investment projects will be unveiled. We expect more than a hundred such projects both of large and small scale to be presented in various formats", the Prime Minister emphasized.

    According to the Prime Minister, a special emphasis will be placed on the development of the eastern territories.

    "The forum will be dedicated primarily to investments. But I would like to accentuate that economic growth is of critical importance, in particular, in the context of Donbas reintegration. Because we need to create jobs for people living there as well as to show that we can build a common future. We are the Government that works for the future", Oleksiy Honcharuk stressed. He added that investment projects aimed to address burning social problems will be presented at the forum.

    Summing up, the Head of Government made an emphasis on the location of the forum: "Mariupol is a symbol of the city for us, which has passed through many trials, embarked on a path of revival and is striving for growth".

    We must transform Ukraine into a country of opportunities instead of a country with problems, pledges Oleksiy Honcharuk