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  • Maxym Stepanov: We will scale up the testing capacity from 5,000 to 10,000 a day
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 27 April 2020 11:16

    The Health Ministry of Ukraine is planning to increase the number of people tested by PCR test kits from 5,000 to 10,000 for 24 hours. The Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxym Stepanov announced at a daily briefing.

    “We have planned to extend PCR testing to have a real picture of coronavirus infection in Ukraine. The more we test, the better control over the situation we have. Currently, we conduct testing for up to 5-6 thousand citizens a day. Our objective for the near future is to increase the number of tests per day up to 8-10 thousand and continue to expand,” said Maxym Stepanov.

    According to the Minister, the Ministry of Health has embarked on improving the capacity of the laboratories involved in conducting the tests, as well as is sending extra laboratory assistants there.

    It should be noted that a few weeks ago in Ukraine up to 1,000 PCR tests were done for 24 hours and now the figure is about 5,000 tests. However, according to Maxym Stepanov, the Ministry of Health also uses tests of Ukrainian production.

    “We have already received about 4,500 PCR systems. Each of these systems has about 100 test kits. That is, we can assert that we have already received about 450,000 tests. We will receive about 160,000 tests today,” stressed the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxym Stepanov.