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  • Maxym Stepanov: We have increased threefold the number of conducting testing for coronavirus
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 13 April 2020 12:05

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine is increasing the number of conducting tests for coronavirus per day. Already, 2.5 to 3 thousand people are tested daily in Ukraine.

    Health Minister Maxym Stepanov said at a daily briefing on measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

    “We are increasing the number of coronavirus tests. Over the past week, we have reached 2.5-3 thousand PCR tests per day. In addition, under the new algorithm, we test all patients who have pneumonia. All these actions are aimed at more efficient detecting the disease and taking appropriate measures,” said Maxym Stepanov.

    As was reported earlier in Ukraine labs carried out up to 1 thousand tests for coronavirus a day.

    Meanwhile, as of 9:00 am on April 13, 3102 cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 in Ukraine are reported, of which 93 were lethal, 97 patients have recovered. During the day, 325 new cases were recorded.