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  • Ukraine was selected to participate in pilot cross-border electronic signature projects
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 13 April 2020 14:04

    Ukraine has been selected among the EU Eastern Partnership countries and invited to participate in pilot projects on electronic signature. The Ministry of Digital Transformation received confirmation on April 10.

    The selection was carried out under a EU4Digital program funded by the EU, based on an assessment of the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation and the technical implementation of requirements in the field of electronic Trust Services (eTS).

    “We will coordinate the implementation process of the pilot project, which aims to create new opportunities for signing agreements with foreign companies with the use of Qualified electronic signature (QES). Currently, there are no such tools. That is why we are working hard for mutual recognition of electronic signatures with foreign countries,” commented Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

    The pilot project is designed to achieve the technical cross-border interoperability of QES. This will enable the signing of agreements and other documents with foreign companies by electronic signature. In particular, Ukraine will test e-signatures on real examples of use in Estonia and Moldova.

    With this step, Ukraine is approaching closer to the European Union's infrastructure, making the most of European integration opportunities by fulfilling its obligations under the Association Agreement with the EU.