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  • Purchase of Ukrainian goods by state-owned companies is a matter of our survival during the war, says Yuliia Svyrydenko
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 28 December 2023 18:54

    Next year, public procurement should switch to Ukrainian goods and components as much as possible, wherever possible. The issue of how to align the positions of suppliers and buyers as quickly as possible was discussed during a meeting on demonopolisation and import substitution for the needs of Ukrzaliznytsia chaired by Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    “This year, we have once again seen a very simple but very important truth: support for Ukrainian producers is an important component of our national security. Indeed, we can only finance the security and defence sector with the money we earn domestically. That is, from taxes paid by businesses and Ukrainians. For every hryvnia spent on Ukrainian goods, up to 40% is returned to the budget.

    Ukrzaliznytsia is a company that is primarily an example for society of how the state adheres to its economic policy. That is why, when we make purchases from foreign suppliers during the war, even though there are Ukrainian equivalents, we lose not only taxes and jobs, but also the ability to finance our security and defence needs. Buying Ukrainian-made goods is a matter of our survival during the war. That is why our task is to switch to Ukrainian goods and components wherever possible,” said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    During the dialogue, the buyers and suppliers discussed the most pressing problems in the market. On the one hand, after the outbreak of a full-scale war, Ukrzaliznytsia lost the ability to purchase components traditionally produced in russia and belarus, and on the other hand, it is difficult for Ukrainian producers to start producing the entire range of procurements of the state monopolist due to the war and other circumstances that prevent them from fully planning their economic activities.

    During the meeting, the parties agreed that Ukrzaliznytsia would plan its need for goods as far in advance as possible, publish a procurement plan for the year, provide manufacturers with technical specifications for goods to be imported and develop a mechanism for testing and certification of Ukrainian goods that could replace imported ones.

    “We welcome the fact that Ukrzaliznytsia has started a dialogue with representatives of manufacturers on import substitution. This should serve as a good example for other government customers to establish a dialogue with the business community.

    We understand that it is difficult for Ukrainian producers to launch new products during the war, and they are in an unequal position compared to global manufacturers, as the latter operate in peaceful countries. Nevertheless, Ukrainian businesses fully fulfil their contractual obligations, even when they are forced to work under enemy fire. This extraordinary resilience of domestic companies is inspiring. Therefore, we appeal to buyers to be responsible when choosing certain suppliers, giving preference to Ukrainian producers, who in turn support the domestic economy,” concluded Yuliia Svyrydenko.