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  • In Germany Serhii Savchuk presented plans for the introduction of green auctions system in Ukraine

    At IRENA Innovation Week Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving (SAEE) Serhii Savchuk presented to Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA Director-General key achievements of Ukraine in the development of clean energy and plans for a step-by-step transition to the auction system.

    In turn,  IRENA Director-General welcomed Ukraine on gaining full membership in IRENA and called for the involvement of leading international experience in stimulating the development of "clean" energy, including the auction system.

    The sides drew attention to the important advantages of auctions compared to other mechanisms. Auctions will allow to increase competition between investors, introduce a real market price for electricity produced from renewable sources,  reduce the price burden on consumers, and make the market more predictable.

     The Chairman of SAEE briefed IRENA Director-General on the fact that Ukraine has promptly worked out the experience of many countries in this issue and has already developed a relevant bill.