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  • Leading IT companies to engage in development of e-healthcare system in Ukraine
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 30 July 2019 11:14

    The state-run company Electronic Health and the IT Ukraine Association, members of which are 58 leading international and Ukrainian IT companies, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. E-Health will now be capable of developing information support in the healthcare sector in synergy with IT companies.

    Leading IT specialists will provide professional support in assessing enterprise’s capacities and will engage in strategic system development planning, provide consultation regarding architecture and Big Data formation. For IT professionals it is an opportunity to join the process of transformation of the healthcare system and to apply their expertise in the development of an electronic healthcare system in Ukraine.

    The parties signed a Memorandum on July 25, outlining the initial steps. The participants of the event discussed the establishment of a technical council and the possibility of public sector promotion for members of the association - these are 58 software companies that collectively account for 50% of the total industry revenue in the country. In addition, the IT Ukraine Association represents the interests of participating companies in international industry associations and organizations, in particular DIGITALEUROPE, WITSA, EMOTA.

    “Involving leading IT professionals in the public sector is the next step in our collaboration with the IT community. In the coming years, the entire healthcare system should be based on electronic data. The experience and ideas of the experts of the largest IT companies of Ukraine will help us to build a high-quality and secure electronic health care system for doctors and patients”, said Andrii Suchyk, Acting Director-General of SE Electronic Health.


    Electronic healthcare system - a system that allows for fair distribution of funds, ensures fair payment to the medical establishments and the doctors for medical services provided to the patients, minimizes the possibility of data manipulation and corruption risks; serves as a tool for ensuring the transparency of healthcare processes.

    The state-run enterprise eHealth (eZdorovya) is responsible for ensuring the development of the eHealth system in Ukraine, its administration, data security in the system, and involvement of the progressive IT sector.