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  • Government approves resolution on Diia.Signature for legal entities
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 26 January 2024 17:21

    The Cabinet of Ministers has amended the Regulation on the single state portal of electronic services. This will enable the Government to start working on a service that will allow legal entities to receive Diia.Signature remotely. Previously, this service was only available to individuals.

    Diia.Signature is the most secure electronic signature that can be activated in seconds in the Diia app. So one can forget about pens, paper and photocopiers and sign all the necessary documents online. Diia.Signature can also be used for authorisation on platforms and applications.

    Thanks to the resolution, this service will be available not only to individuals, but also to legal entities. They will be able to generate Diia.Signature in the Diia app, regardless of the martial law in Ukraine. This will greatly simplify business operations, speed up processes and make the activities of entrepreneurs more transparent.