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  • SRDF should support the development of regions intead of financing repairs, says Hennadii Zubko
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 18 July 2018 16:35

    The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities has improved the approaches to the preparation, evaluation and selection of investment programs and regional development projects, which are financed from the State Regional Development Fund (SRDF). The relevant resolution was supported at a Government sitting.

    "The SRDF should support community development projects, instead of financing repairs. Therefore, we determined the minimum estimated cost: UAH 5 million for construction and UAH 1 million for other projects. This will allow for the implementation of large-scale regional development projects that will comprehensively address the infrastructure issues, in particular new construction. Indeed, a significant number of projects selected by regional commissions are too local, while projects that have a real impact on the increase of competitiveness indices and regional human development are not likely to be successful in the competition. We have changed this", Hennadii Zubko, Vice Prime Minister/Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities commented on the adoption of the resolution.

    It should be noted that the Government has already approved 755 investment programs and regional development projects financed from the SRDF in 2018 to the tune of UAH 5.8 bln.