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  • Decentralization: the process of transferring social facilities to the communal ownership of territorial communities prolongs
    Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, posted 12 January 2021 11:45

    The regions are seeing the process of transferring property from the district level to the communal property of territorial communities. The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development monitors this process. In general, regarding 65% of the country's facilities, there have already been decided to record as an asset by territorial communities. These are 16,546 objects out of 25,274 that need to be transferred to the ownership of consolidated communities.

    These include educational institutions, culture, healthcare and other facilities. By taking over these facilities, local communities are able to manage and maintain them from their local budgets.

    "In the process of decentralization reform, administrative changes have taken place and the system of inter-budgetary relations and financing of socially owned social facilities is changing accordingly. Therefore, the transfer of property as an asset of territorial communities should take place quickly and under comprehensive control. After all, the network of socially important facilities - schools, hospitals, sports and cultural institutions - must be preserved with maintaining its smooth operation," said Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksii Chernyshov.

    The leader with regards to property transfer is Zhytomyr region, where 100% of objects are transferred. Ivano-Frankivsk (99%), Cherkasy (94%), Dnipropetrovsk (93%), Zaporizhia (92%), Chernivtsi (91%), Odesa (88%) and Ternopil (85%) have the highest rates of facility transfer.

    District councils and territorial communities of Volyn (79%), Rivne (75%), Chernihiv (75%), Mykolaiv (74%) and Kherson (71%) regions are also vigorous in activities.

    The lowest showing is demonstrated by Zakarpattia region, where only 529 out of 2,000 objects were transferred, making up 26%.

    The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development will continue to monitor the situation and will provide all necessary support to the regional state administration until the transfer of property to the communities is completed.

    It should be recalled that the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development has held a series of meetings with the participation of representatives of relevant ministries, regional state administrations and all-Ukrainian associations of local governments on the transfer of facilities to communities. Regional state administrations must provide appropriate consultations to local self-government bodies, ensure coordination of property transfers and inform the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the 10th and 25th date on monthly basis.