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  • Amber production to be legalized in Ukraine
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 01 October 2019 14:03

    The Government has approved bills that regulate amber mining.

    Under the new standards, a temporary moratorium on the export of unprocessed amber will be introduced. Moreover, all land issues related to access to amber deposits will be settled, while a number of duplicate and archaic approvals, such as mining, permits on the removal of the fertile layer, will be eliminated.

    However, in case of non-compliance with the requirements of land remediation, strict liability will be imposed: for the illegal extraction of minerals – criminal liability, and for violation of the statutory requirements for extraction of minerals - administrative.

    Under the new rules, a single exploration permit will be introduced with the right to produce for up to 5 years for land plots up to 10 hectares with the initial value determined through auctions. In addition, the rate of rent for amber extraction will be reduced from 25% to 15%. Moreover, 30% of the rent will be directed for the benefit of the local communities (CCs).